Queer Ghost Hunters Season 2 Hits YouTube Just in Time for Pride Month!

Queer Ghost Hunters may be the first show of its kind.  A ghost hunting group comprised completely of queer individuals, the group spends their days and nights researching and investigating locations they suspect to be rich in queer history, asking a question that few other paranormal groups would consider…”Would you like to come out?”

While it might sound satirical, and certainly some of it is, the web show manages to document some paranormal activity while simultaneously shining a spotlight on aspects of queer history that are not often spoken about outside of the community.  The group is comprised of a varied group of investigators who identify as lesbians, gay, trans, pansexual, etc.

In the first season, they visited a former convent and spent time discussing the fact that many women, especially early on in church history, entered convents in order to avoid marriage.  Many of these women were what we would call lesbians today and they developed relationships called “particular friends” within the convent walls.

According to a press release we received last month, the new season will find the investigators uncovering the records of 50 men imprisoned on sodomy charges in the Ohio State Reformatory.  They seek to make contact with the men by offering their understanding and compassion rather than the non-stop confrontation and provocation we see on most paranormal shows today.

Research and compassion are key to all of their investigations.

“We come into it with a wealth of knowledge about our community,” says Shane McClelland, who co-created the queer ghost hunting concept. “That way we can ask questions in a context that they would understand for their times…These were people just like us and we try to let them know that they are part of a community.”

It’s a noble quest for this group of intrepid researchers and investigators and one you’ll be able to tune in for season two on June 23, 2017!  Check out the trailer below and head over to YouTube to watch the first season in its entirety.  For more information on Queer Ghost Hunters, you can visit their website!

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