RIP Famed Paranormal DJ Art Bell

It’s a sad day for millions of fans across the U.S. today. Art Bell, a DJ whose name became synonymous with the paranormal in the late 90s, has passed away. He was 72 years old.

Bell’s Coast to Coast AM was the radio show for fans of the paranormal and conspiracy theorists and was syndicated on 500 radio stations reaching an estimated 15 million listeners. During his distinguished and often sensational career, Bell interviewed a whole host of interesting guests.

Take for instance, Mel Waters, who claimed to own what he called “Mel’s Hole” a supposedly bottomless pit in rural Washington that contained numerous strange properties. (The hole was never found.) Then there was John Titor, a man who claimed to be a time traveler from 2036 who made numerous predictions in a number of faxes to Bell.

Fans of Bell took to Twitter to remember the man and his life’s work.

At this time, cause of death has yet to be announced pending an autopsy, but we here at send our sincerest condolence to Bell’s family and fans.

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