Season Two of “Kindred Spirits” is Currently Filming!

Fans of TLC’s “Kindred Spirits” rejoice!  According to Week In Weird the network has announced that the series has been renewed for a second season and series investigators Amy Bruni and Adam Berry are currently scouting locations and beginning work for their sophomore season.

The show became an instant hit among paranormal enthusiasts largely in part to Bruni and Berry’s sensitive mission to not only find proof of the paranormal, but also to provide help and closure, not only to the living, but also to the spirits/ghosts they encounter in their investigations.  In fact, it was Berry’s infectious enthusiasm and Bruni’s empathetic approach that led the duo to start their own team after leaving the internationally famous “Ghost Hunters”.

It’s a series with heart and welcome breath of fresh air for many who are turned off by the more guerrilla style investigations we’ve seen in so many shows in the last few years.  Rather than provocation and angry, melodramatic outbursts, Bruni and Berry approach each case from a standpoint of sympathy and healing, and their audience is actually booming because of it.

In further news, TLC announced that due to the success of “Kindred Spirits”, they will continue their full slate of paranormal programming on Friday nights including the wildly popular “Paranormal Lockdown” and “Ghost Brothers”.

With Bruni and Berry currently preparing to film new episodes, now is the perfect time to request their investigative services.  If you or someone you know is experiencing paranormal activity and are willing to be featured on the show, you can fill out their submission form here.

Fans of the show are also reminded that Amy and Adam will be a part of a special paranormal convention and investigation in Adam’s hometown of Provincetown in May of this year!  Ticket holders will have the opportunity to meet the duo along with a host of other paranormal researchers and authors at this special weekend gathering, and will even have the opportunity to join in an investigation at the historic Unitarian Universalist Meeting House.

Premiere dates have not been announced for the new season, but keep checking back for details as we receive them!

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