SNL’s Paranormal Skits Continued to be Dominated by Kate McKinnon

It’s been almost three years now since Saturday Night Live first unveiled their “paranormal occurrences” skits starring show regular Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong, and as of this last weekend, McKinnon’s record for making her co-stars break is unbroken.

The skits, which first appeared in December 2015, center on McKinnon, Strong, and the week’s guest host as three people who have been called in to be examined after encounters with aliens, near-death experiences, and ghosts. Inevitably, Strong and the guest host have beautiful, mind-altering experiences while McKinnon’s Rafferty receives the short end of an abusive stick.

Kate McKinnon will stare in wonder and shake her head as she listens to her fellows describe their experiences only to chime in with her own horrible experiences which inevitably erodes her co-stars ability to hold themselves together.

The first to get this treatment was guest host Ryan Gosling with a story of alien abduction and inappropriate touching…

In May of 2016, Brie Larson got the McKinnon treatment discussing a near-death experience in which the three had been dead for 55 minutes. Larson held it together pretty well, but it was clear that the rest of their castmates weren’t faring so well.

In December 2016, McKinnon, Strong, and Casey Affleck all met Santa Claus…well, almost. McKinnon’s Rafferty met a 9-foot tall goat man named Crinklemouse who forced her to work in reindeer stables.

In October of 2017, Ryan Gosling returned and the three were once again pulled before government officials having been the only three people known to have two verified alien encounters and while Gosling really did try to hold it together…well, just watch below.

And most recently, this last weekend, Liev Schreiber got the Rafferty treatment as he, Strong, and McKinnon were brought in to discuss their experiences with ghosts.

McKinnon is one of the funniest women SNL has seen in some time and I, for one, can’t wait to see Ms. Rafferty again and hear her latest encounters with the paranormal! I’m hoping for Bigfoot when she returns!

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