Social Media and the World of the Paranormal

Over the last couple of decades, the world of social media has grown tremendously. We have gained many different forms of social media, like Youtube, Snapchat, Facebook, and so on. They have made sharing pictures, keeping friendships, and socializing from far distances easier to do. Even though social media is suppose to be for the living, it seems that the dead are interested in using it to their advantage as well.

Ever since these types of platforms have arrived, people have been reporting paranormal phenomena. People have reported videos, messages, and noises that have occurred when using some type of social media platform. Different occurrences are ranged depending on the social medium that is being used. If the platforms, for example,  are videos, someone might stumble across a weird video. Another example is receiving a Facebook message that is unusual or creepy from an unknown user.

On Snapchat, people have reported using certain filters which have triggered paranormal occurrences. The most stomach turning occurrence is when you use the dog filter. This filter allows you to have a dog nose, along with a set of dog ears. It also gives you a little dog tongue when you stick your own tongue out. When you use this filter, you can also have another person use it at the same time as you. What does this have to do with the paranormal? Well, people have been reporting that when they use this filter, that something is there. The dog features are in the air where there is no one’s face. Sometimes, this occurs beside the person, while other times, it will happen right behind them.

There are other small things that happen on Snapchat, but nothing as serious or as eerie as the dog filter. You can also just take normal photos on Snapchat, but even with these, there are reports of eerie happenings. People have taken videos or pictures, which is what the app is for, and have seen or heard things within them. There have been reports of creepy noises, hostile threats, and even pictures of spirits being caught on their photos or footage. Overall, Snapchat may seen like a normal app, but paranormal entities may love to use it just as much as humans do!

Paranormal beings are not only using Snapchat to communicate with the living, they are also using Facebook. People have reported strange accounts messaging them and knowing things that they could not possibly know. Facebook also uses voice messages, which are messages you record and send to the person you are wanting to chat with. This feature has allowed spirits to speak when a human is not speaking during the voice record, along with when they are speaking. Another thing on Facebook is the photos. There have been reports of people seeing demons or spirits in the pictures that certain members of the Facebooking community have put up, although some are labeled as fake…

YouTube is a paranormal hot spot, just like Snapchat, but it is for viral videos, instead of chatting with friends. Youtube has had odd photos, creepy voices, and eerie sound effects in some videos, but even though some videos are fake, there are a few that could be real. YouTube has not only had paranormal videos, but has even had abnormal channels.

YouTube is especially popular for a certain channel, appropriately deemed “Username 666”. This account has been proven to be false made by the creator of the Creepypasta where it most likely originated, but it seems now that there is a new one that no one can prove is a fake. This is just one of YouTube’s biggest paranormal happenings.

All of these social platforms have caused some interest to paranormal energies. It seems that they feel like sites or apps like these are mediums they can use to speak with humans. I can easily see why they would use this kind of communication to get through to us, mainly because we are a modern world of technology. It is obviously more likely for someone to check their social networking sites or apps than for someone to play with a Ouija board, and spirits can see this in our present society. Even though it is nice that good spirits can use this, the fact that other supernatural beings being able to use this is a bit unsettling.

In the end, we just need to be careful with our social networks and media. We need to not only worry about online predators and cyber bullies, but also evil spirits and corrupt demons. Of course, it is not TOO likely that an energy would use these mediums, but we still need to take heed. Overall, we just need to be careful of what we pull into our daily lives, whether it be while we are online or offline…

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