The Spirit Box: Giving Voice to the Dead

What Is A Spirit Box?

Back in 1995, Frank Sumption, after reading an article about electronic voice phenomenon in Popular Mechanics magazine, set to work on the first generation of what would become the spirit box.

Building upon the idea that spirits can draw upon the energy in white noise to form words, Sumption took an old AM/FM radio and modified it so that it would scan back and forth across all frequencies.  He centered on the idea that by providing the white noise plus bits of dialogue that might come through while scanning, spirits could manipulate those words to form sentences.

To his great surprise, it began to work, and the invention would bear his name.  The “Frank Box” or spirit box has become a staple of many modern day investigations.

Tips for Using the Box

It’s important to remember that many people fall into the trap of pareidolia, a phenomenon in which the mind perceives patterns where none exist.  Thus, a beginner may hear words and sentences that have no actual meaning.  It may take a while to learn to interpret the difference between random noise and actual communication.

If you decide to record your sessions, be sure to keep space between the recorder and the spirit box to avoid interference.

Try to remain as positive as possible.  The energy you bring to the session will be reflected in the type of spirits you draw to you.

The boxes are susceptible to electrical interference.  If you find you are experiencing this type of issue, check the room you’re in to see if there are devices whose frequencies could be clashing with your spirit box.

Acquiring Your Own Spirit Box

Surprisingly enough, you can get a quality spirit box on  There are several models available in a variety of price ranges.

However, if you’re a do it yourself type.  You can also build your own!  If you follow the link here, you’ll find the step by step instructions to get started today.

Check out the videos below from Huff Paranormal of some spirit box sessions and let us know what you think!



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