Spirit Conjuring Games: Harmless Fun or Dangerous Gateways?

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The Midnight Game aka The Midnight Man


The Story:  As the story goes, this game dates back to a more medieval time period.  It was said that certain pagan groups would use this “game” as a punishment for wrong doings.  However, I’ve searched and searched and there is not one shred of evidence to substantiate this game.  More likely, the story is used to make a freaky game even more freaky.  This is another game that requires a bit of time to set up and play.

There seems to be no point to this game.  I mean, by this, that there is no reward for the “winners” except for survival.  In the Three Kings ritual, you can, at the very least, gain knowledge.  Here, there is nothing but survival.

Game play involves summoning the Midnight Man into your home.  Game play ends at 3:33 am (there’s that number again), and the object of the game is to keep moving so that the spirit you have conjured does not trap you.  Being caught by the Midnight Man has one of two punishments listed.  You will either be trapped in a hallucination involving your worst fears until the game ends, OR you could find yourself having your organs removed…one at a time.

The Rules:  To play the game, each player will need a slip of paper, a candle, a lighter/matches, a pen/pencil, a pin, and salt.

Each person should choose a wooden door in the home.  They should write their full names on their piece of paper, and using the pin, prick their finger and put a drop of their blood next to their name.  They should then set the paper down in front of the door, place the candle on top of the paper, and light it.

Extinguish all other light in the house aside from the candles.

As midnight approaches, each player should knock 22 times on their chosen door.  The last knock should take place at the stroke of midnight.  They should then open the door, blow the candle out, and close the door immediately.  The player should then relight their candle  collect their container of salt and begin moving around the home.

You have now invoked the Midnight Man and invited him into your home.  You must not stop moving once the invocation has taken place.  He is now tracking, and will continue doing so until the game ends at 3:33 am.  During this time, you must not let the candle extinguish.  If it does, you have ten seconds to relight the candle.  If you are unable to relight your candle in ten seconds use the salt to form a circle around you to protect you from the Midnight Man.  You cannot move outside the circle of salt, even with a lit candle, until the game has run its course.

If you hear whispers, feel a sudden drop in temperature, or see a human like shape in the darkness, the Midnight Man is close at hand.

During the game you must not:

  • Turn on the lights
  • Attempt to leave your home
  • Fall asleep
  • Use a flashlight
  • Use someone else’s blood
  • Attempt to provoke the Midnight Man

The game comes with one final admonition.  Just because the game ends, don’t assume the Midnight Man has left your home…

The Dangers:  You mean actively invoking something into your home that might have the power to cause hallucinations or kill you isn’t enough?

Final Analysis:  Honestly, I just feel like there are too many dangers here.  There are games and there’s the Midnight Man.  On a side note, there is a new film set to be released soon that revolves around this “game” starring Lin Shaye and Robert Englund.

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