Is this Statue of Jimi Hendrix Haunted by the Man Himself?

The Isle of Wight is no stranger to paranormal activity.  In fact, this small island in the English Channel, which is only 147 square miles in size, boast a wide variety of various phenomena from the Girl in Blue in Arreton Manor to the three masted ghost ship that sails the waters off the island’s coast.  It appears, however, that the Island has a new visiting spirit.  Residents say that Jimi Hendrix has begun to stir up activity around the statue that was erected in his honor in 2008 and according to reports, he’s looking to play a few more gigs.

The statue was the source of some controversy when it was placed outside the Victorian home of famed early photographer Julia Margaret Cameron who lived in the home in the late 1800s and was famous for her work in photographed portraiture.  The home was a center of culture at the time with Tennyson, Darwin, and even Longfellow as regular visitors.  Locals called the installation inappropriate to the Victorian setting and called it ghastly and and eyesore.  They were met with claims of cultural snobbery, however, and the statue remained in place.

And then, just recently something strange began to happen…

Locals began to notice music late at night.  Specifically, they heard Hendrix tunes, and while at first most wrote it off as an ardent fan in the area, eventually the sound was tracked back to the statue itself.  Quietly a host of paranormal investigators have begun arriving to find the source.  There are no speakers to be found and no obvious tampering that would lead to the sounds of Hendrix’s guitar.

According to one report from the Isle of Wight County Press Online, one women spent three days camping out at the statue until she finally went home after experiencing no activity.  No sooner had she laid her head on her pillow to rest, however, than the sounds of “Voodoo Child” began to float through her window.  Others have reported “Purple Haze”, “All Along the Watchtower” and a host of other songs.

So, why would the famed musician be haunting this particular statue?  Well, it so happens that the Jimi’s last UK engagement took place at the Isle of Wight Musical Festival shortly before his death in 1970.

As more and more people experience the music of Hendrix, it seems apparent that something is going on, and until we have definitive proof one way or another, I’ve no doubt that the statue of Hendrix will continue to draw seekers to an island already famous for its ghosts.


  1. Wendy Thorpe

    April 2, 2017 at 7:03 pm

    I have been a huge Hendrix fan since the early 80’s. His music will never die!

    • Jimi Lane

      April 3, 2017 at 2:49 am

      Oh yes! Keep the faith! Often imitated,never equalled! Excuse me while i kiss the sky!!!

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