The Beast Between the Lakes



Several weeks ago I was at a paranormal expo where Joedy Cook and David Jones from the North American Dogman Project were speaking about various sightings and incidents of dogmen (or werewolves). One of the incidents they went into detail about was of the Beast Between the Lakes.

There is a National Recreational area situated in between Lake Barkley (Tennessee) and Kentucky Lake, known as the Land Between the Lakes. It encompasses 170,000 acres of forest with over 300 miles of shoreline. There are hundreds of hiking trails located there as well.

Claims of the bizarre have been occurring in this area for a very long time including reports of phantoms, Indian curses, mysterious lights being seen and that of a large bipedal “animal” prowling there that is known as “The Beast Between the Rivers” or “Beast of the Land Between the Lakes”.

This creature has been described by eye witnesses to look like a wolf/man hybrid that stands about 7 feet tall. It has claw-like hands, powerful jaws with long canines, red glowing eyes and a horrible rotting stench about it.

Stories of this werewolf or dogman have been spoken of since the first Europeans in the region, French trappers and hunters, claimed that the forests in the area were being prowled by this massive beast. Even then it was described as being half man, half wolf. It would howl at night and leave mutilated animal carcasses behind. They called it “loup garou”.

The Shawnee tribe native to the area claimed this dogman was the spirit of a powerful shapeshifting shaman.

Settlers first in the area would complain about being plagued with something large, a predator which was killing and maiming their livestock. Witnesses claimed it was a hairy, wolf-like creature that would stand on two legs and let out scary howls and shrieks.

Mr. Cook and Mr. Jones from N.A.D.P. also spoke about an incident that occurred in 1973, involving a group of boys who were students at a nearby university. They were camping in the area. One apparently had to relieve himself and went off into the woods. He came back to the group shaking with fear. When they asked him what was wrong, he told them he heard something large breathing in the dark and he had a very strong feeling that he was being watched. Not long after that he then heard something moving, crashing through the brush, snorting and sniffing.

The rest of the group then heard the noises in the brush as the creature began circling their camp. They then heard it howl.

The group panicked, running back to their VW bus to leave. The creature gave chase to their vehicle and reportedly caught up to them, grabbing the back of the van, stopping it in its tracks. The driver floored it, finally breaking free. When the boys got back to their university they saw what shocked them to the core. Claims that there was a lot of damage done to the back of the vehicle. Damage that included gashes, gouges and missing pieces of metal.

Another incident the pair elaborated on involved something more gruesome and grisly. In the early 1980’s, law enforcement was called out to the area of the campground that had abandoned military bunkers. They found a campsite where badly mutilated bodies of three of the four campers were located. The bodies of a young couple and a child. They had been brutally savaged and half eaten. Limbs were missing, flesh torn from the bone, organs were scattered around on the ground, you get the picture.

None of the marks matched any animal that was known to inhabit the area. To make matters worse they found indications there was another child, however the body was not at the scene. Authorities searched for the missing child, which was located about 50 yards from the camper. One officer went on ahead of the others, he was the one who found another gruesome scene.

When the other officers caught up with him, he had blood on his face, on his uniform and blood could be seen dripping down on him from above. Parts of the small child could be seen on a tree limb up high in the tree. She had apparently been carried up the tree and partially eaten. Long gray and brown hair was found sticking in the bark of the tree near her body.

The hair and samples of saliva were supposedly sent in for analysis. The result was that it belonged to an unidentified species related to a wolf.

Whether or not this incident actually occurred is unknown as it was supposedly covered up. If the news got out, it would hurt tourism in the area. There is lack of any concrete sources to corroborate this incident. Without any evidence or documentation, it is impossible to substantiate.

There are websites where witnesses of this creature have posted their run-in’s involving it. Supposedly several groups of boy scouts, campers, fishermen, and boaters have seen it from one of the lakes. Hikers have reported hearing the howls and seeing something stalking them on the rural trails. Hunters have run across deer carcasses that have been brutally torn apart.

There is a documentary on this creature by Barton Nunnelly called Hunt the Dogman: High Strangeness in Western Kentucky.

Have you had any encounters on this dogman/werewolf? Please share your story as a comment on this one. Thank you!

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