Top Ten Paranormal TV Shows!

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It seems like every time I scan through the Guide on my TV, there’s a brand new paranormal show on TV that I’ve never heard of before.  Network execs have tapped into the peak level interest in paranormal investigation of every kind, and in the most basic terms, they’re giving us what we want. It’s amazing to have so many choices, but not all of them are great….some of them aren’t even good.

That being said, here are my top picks for the best of the best in no particular order.

Show:  Parnormal Witness

Network:  SyFy

Gearing up for its fifth season, “Paranormal Witness” offers eyewitness accounts of brushes with the paranormal, and really nothing is off the table.  Whether its alien abduction or haunted homes, the show does its very best to sate the appetite of every fan of the paranormal.

Show:  Dead Files

Network:  Travel Channel

Psychic medium Amy Allan and former police detective Steve DiSchiavi travel the US investigating homes and businesses.  The sites are often home to disturbed and violent entities.  The hook to the show is that Amy and Steve investigate separately.  During the day, Steve talks to owners and those who have experienced phenomena in the locations.  He also tracks down history on the location and documents strange deaths that may have occurred on the property.  At night, Amy walks the location and documents any spirit activity that she might pick up.

As the investigation concludes, Steve and Amy join the owners to discuss their findings and compare notes.  Amy meets with a sketch artist prior to the reveal so that she can present portraits of entities, ghosts, or situations she witnessed as visual evidence for the families and owners.

It’s a great show and the format is unique.  It brings something new and interesting to the field of paranormal reality TV.

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  1. Terry Labbe

    March 9, 2017 at 2:27 pm

    Horrible list. No Ghost Adventures? Really?? Boo!!

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